"Bad officials are elected by good citizens who do not vote.”

George Jean Nathan

This website was created and is maintained by Sea Cliff residents who really, really, really want you to vote. 



Lindsay spent the better part of the last decade as a marketing professional working in the beauty sector for companies like Elizabeth Arden and Revlon. Sea Cliff was the only suburban town she would consider when moving from the city. Now she rarely travels outside her little square mile and that suits her fine. She has many interesting hobbies, like tap dancing, reading horror novels, scuba diving, singing in the shower, and lurking around Sea Cliff Bistro making awkward small talk. She volunteers at the Sea Cliff Museum because it's adorable, everyone should go there, and history is cool.  


Chris Sanborn

Chris Sanborn is a Manhattan native who moved to Sea Cliff in 2015 after he and his wife, a Sea Cliff native and daughter of a Sea Cliff native, realized Sea Cliff is a magical place to raise a family. Chris (tries to) run Sanborn, a digital creative agency, and is a fan of sharks, swimming, ice hockey, photography, naming companies after himself, bourbon, American history and run-on sentences.



Katie, a Pennsylvania native, insisted she’d never (ever ever) move to Long Island. Then she and her husband found Sea Cliff. You know the rest. Katie built a career working some serious PR magic with clients like Dr. Oz, who, true story, once threw a ball at her head. Every now and then she dusts off those skills for freelance clients as long as they promise to keep projectile objects to themselves. When she’s not dragging her three young kids around to all the super awesome kid-friendly things in town, she’s, um, dragging them around to all the super awesomer adult-friendly things in town. She's heard other people talk about hobbies, but she still hasn't seen one in real life because, three kids.


Mary Alfheim 

Mary is a relative Sea Cliff newcomer, having just moved to the village in 2014. Hunkering down here during Superstorm Sandy, great friends, dinners out by flashlight, and a really welcoming voting board convinced her this was the place to raise her family. Mary has more than a decade of experience as a financial services analytics professional, with a background in  economics and public policy. She loves to program and will make you talk about data if you accidentally bring it up.