March 20th, 2018 Election

Here's everything you wanted to know, didn't want to know, or were afraid to ask because you thought it would make you look stupid. You're not stupid. But if you don't vote you're a really big, ugly, silly stupid face.

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Last Day to Register to Vote
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Sea Cliff Village Board of Trustees Election:
Meet The Candidates Night

Who's running? What are the issues? What does it all mean? WHO KNOWS?!?
Go to the event and find out! 

7:30PM - 9PM
St. Luke’s Parish Hall
253 Glen Ave
Sea Cliff, NY 11579

Final day to mail in absentee ballot application

Absentee ballot applications can be requested from Village Hall or you can download it here and send to:

300 Sea Cliff Avenue
PO Box 340
Sea Cliff, New York 11579

Election Day!

12PM - 9PM
Department of Public Works Garage
66 Altamont Avenue
Sea Cliff, NY 11579

Note: Absentee Ballots need to be in by 9pm. If you're not able to vote on the 20th, you can come to Village Hall on the 19th, ask for an absentee ballot application, and you can give it to someone to walk it in for you on 03.20.18 by 9pm.



Short Answer:
These folks! 

Liz Baron (Sea Cliff Open Government)
Terryl Donovan (Sea Cliff Open Government)
Kevin McGilloway 
Henriette Rohl 

Village Justice
Charles E. Parisi

Long Answer:
If you don't like clicking on links or don't have facebook or the internet (which means you are somehow on our website magically, which really is impressive - well done you!), we've cut and pasted bios here (in alphabetical order!)

Candidate for Sea Cliff Village Trustee

Liz has spent many years honing IT leadership skills at companies like Teach for America and the New York Times. Her understanding of how to collaboratively build systems that deliver and provide clear measurements to ensure accountability will serve government well.

  • Collaborative leader with more than 15 years of experience building highly functional and efficient teams to solve nuanced constituent needs, including as both a Senior Technical Project Manager at the New York Times and Senior Managing Director at Teach For America.
  • Principled team player with demonstrated ability to work in complex environments while finding ways to innovate together for successful and satisfying outcomes, including at Goldman Sachs, TIAA-CREF, and Lehman Brothers.
  • Capable manager of detailed budgeting, long-term strategies, and short-term tactical planning.
  • 9 year resident of Sea Cliff, wife of a lifelong Sea Cliff resident, mother of an almost 4 year old daughter, and the third-generation to call this beautiful village home.

Candidate for Sea Cliff Village Trustee

Terryl has shown significant management skills, both of people and budgets, throughout her career. She held administrative positions in New York City government and was involved with issues regarding citywide recycling, housing and child care before becoming an educator in our North Shore Schools.

  • An independent leader with demonstrated ability to listen, to seek understanding, and to work with others to find solutions that work for the greater good.
  • More than 25 years experience in public service, including leadership positions in the North Shore Schools, NYC Department of Education and NYC Department of Sanitation.
  • Proven ability to work with teams to develop strategic goals, including needs assessment and creating action plans that address identified problems.
  • Expertise in building and managing publicly-funded budgets and supervision of public employees.
  • 15 year Sea Cliff resident, mother of two adult children, committed to preserving the Village’s glorious past while moving into the future with open eyes and arms.

Candidate for Sea Cliff Village Trustee

Kevin has been a proven fair-minded and even-handed member of the Board of Trustees for 4-years and is deserving of re-election.

  • Deputy Mayor McGilloway and his wife Jane is a 32 year resident of Sea Cliff and has raised his four 4 daughters here
  • Kevin is retired after a successful career in both entrepreneurial and corporate businesses
  • He has an MS in Computer Science and MBA in Finance and has built and managed teams to solve problems. He was actually twice voted CIO of the Year by Wall Street & Technology.
  • Kevin has a long history of community service and active leadership, including 20 years on the Boards of Abilities, Inc. and Henry Viscardi School (for disabled children and adults), he is a founding member of Viking Foundation and served for 8 years on Sea Cliff Zoning Board of Appeals
  • In the last 2 years as Trustee/Deputy Mayor Kevin has successfully led the creation of new statute regulating short term rentals, created and chairs the Technology Task Force (made up of 19 residents and staff), and currently is creating a new committee to review sub-division statutes in SC
  • Kevin is a proven independent thinker, collaborative leader, and hard worker committed to continuing to enhance Sea Cliff while maintaining its unique character and charm

Candidate for Sea Cliff Village Justice

Mr. Parisi has been the very well respected Associate Justice in our Village for the past two years. He has additionally served as Justice of the Village of Roslyn Harbor from 2001-present and prosecutor for the Village of Roslyn Harbor from 1984-2001.

Charles has decided to run for the elected position of Village Justice for our Village in order to serve the community in which he resides and loves. He states. “Village Courts are the closest Courts to the people wherein many people appear pro se. I have always tried to be patient and fair and listen to each party. In my opinion it is the Court's responsibility to assist each party so that justice is served.”

Charlie and his wife Vivian have raised three children in Sea Cliff who have all graduated from North Shore Schools. He grew up in the community, graduated from North Shore Schools. He attended Villanova University where he earned a B.S. in Accounting and then attended New York Law School where he earned a J.D. Cum Laude.

He has a law practice which is located in Glen Cove where he has served the community for over 33 years.

Charlie has a long history of service to our community. He is on the Viking Foundation Board, Vice Commodore of the Sea Cliff Yacht Club, Treasurer of the Rotary Club of Glen Head, member of the Knights of Columbus, and member of the Business Improvement District of Glen Cove.

He is excited to be running on the same ticket with Henriette Rohl for Trustee and Kevin McGilloway for Trustee and asks for your support in this election.

Candidate for Sea Cliff Village Trustee

Henriette is an excellent choice to serve our community as a Village Trustee. Henriette has a long history of community involvement and service.

  • Henriette is a 10 year resident and husband Tom was born and raised in Sea Cliff
  • Her beautiful daughter graduated Sea Cliff school and is now attending NS Middle School where she continues her active involvement
  • She is an entrepreneur is the owner/operator of a small business located in Sea Cliff after successful career in finance
  • Henriette is an active volunteer in Village of Sea Cliff’s Environmental Conservation Commission with a history of getting things done including the Bring Your Own Bag initiative, creating a plan to reduce water runoff into our Harbor, and enhancing our village (e.g. Flutterby Garden)
  • She actively volunteers as a member of the Village's Traffic & Safety Committee and is focused on traffic initiating new traffic calming initiatives

Henriette is a proven leader, collaborator and hard worker eager to bring new ideas to make Sea Cliff even better.


Short Answer:
As long as you've lived at your current residence (in Sea Cliff of course) for at least 30 days, consider yourself good to go.

Long Answer:
So it's not quite as easy as having just lived in Sea Cliff for 30 days. There are just a few additional qualifications that each person who votes absolutely must meet (per the Board of Elections).

You must:

  • Be a U.S. citizen;
  • Be 18 years old by December 31 of the year in which you file this form (note: you must be 18 years old by the date of the general, primary or other election in which you want to vote);
  • Live at your present address at least 30 days before an election;
  • Not be in jail or on parole for a felony conviction; and
  • Not claim the right to vote elsewhere


Short Answer:
Well you must know something, because you're here right? Great first step. Take a deep breath and let us take care of you. Except for the missing sock thing. We really can't help you there. Did you check behind the dryer?

Long Answer:
You have questions, and we have answers. That's how this works. Check out our FAQ page to catch up on all the dirty details on how this glorious little village gets run everyday by extraordinary people!

Oh, and here is why the sky is blue. See we have answers!

For more information about Sea Cliff Village Elections, contact Village Clerk Marianne Lennon at 516-671-0080.

For more information about North Shore School Board Elections, contact District Clerk Betty Ciampi at 516-277-7800.